Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Example

Our appropriate dress code is simple: plain white or navy blue top and navy blue bottom. In short, the clothing must not have any graphics, messages or slogans; the shirts must have sleeves; and the bottoms must be navy blue.

NOTE: all students are required to comply with the school’s dress code. In short, the dress code includes:

  • navy/white tops (no logos, stripes, dots or patterns)
  • navy bottoms (no jeans; no jeggings, leggings or other extremely form fitting attire)
  • clothing is to be worn appropriately (for example, no swagging)

All clothing must be neat, modest and suitable for a Catholic school environment. The school is your child’s workplace and the children are to dress appropriately. We ask your assistance in assuring that student dress is conducive to a work environment. What may be great for the beach or the backyard is not appropriate for school. Thanks for your help with this matter.

Children who fail to comply with the appropriate dress code will be disciplined. This may include providing more suitable attire, a note in the agenda, phone call to the parent, or removal or questionable item.

IMPORTANT: Each child is also required to have a pair of “indoor” shoes for the winter months. These shoes may be left at school. Wearing socks or boots all day is neither healthy nor safe.

Uniform Infraction Policy

1. “Uniform Infraction Forms” are given to students not in compliance with the school’s (colour) dress code.

2. The student is directed to the office to call home for a change of clothing.

3. If parent/caregiver not able to assist, student is offered change of (clean) clothing from school supply.

4. Infraction form directed home for parent signature.

5. Repeated/Ongoing infractions may result in disciplinary measures as per Progressive Discipline model.

For more information, please see the DRESS CODE GUIDELINES.