About the St. Gregory CSPC

The Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) is an elected group of parents, elected representatives among school staff, parish, and the community, who work together to support our school community and be involved in enriching each child’s educational experience. CSPC advises and helps support the Catholic learning experience at our school while, at the same time, promoting a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment for all students. CSPC is committed to working with the teachers and administration to build the school’s community and nurture the connection between the home, the school, and the church.

Our CSPC is focused on promoting communication between teachers, students, and parents; promoting community events held within the school, fundraising, special events, and issues that have a direct impact on the students of our school.

The funds CSPC raises from its various events are then donated to the school to fund various initiatives including subsidies for class excursions, swim team, book club, drama presentations, and other special resources to enhance the children’s educational experience within the school. As parents and teachers, we recognize that community involvement and support are integral parts of the educational experience. CSPC is our opportunity to influence what happens in our school in a positive and supportive manner. CSPC is an ideal way to support our school community and be involved in enriching your own child’s educational experience.

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend each monthly CSPC meeting, where everyone can share their thoughts about what is going on at St. Gregory CS.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

For more information about CSPC, refer to the TORONTO CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.